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Senior Advocate Conversations

Updated: Mar 18

April 6, 2023 - Caregiving and Caregivers

In this Edition of Senior Advocate Conversations, Stephanie Smith, Senior Advocate President, is joined by Suzanne Moss, Owner of The Nature Bus and Bob Batcher, Executive Director of Primeplus Senior Centers to discuss Caregiving and Caregivers.

Also joining us from the audience, who you will not see, is Suzanne’s mother, Aletta Rubin. You’ll hear her chime in occasionally during the video. The phrase that Aletta says a few times throughout the video is regarding the joke about what Primeplus calls their “Butt-anical Gardens.” This referencing their garden, which showcases statues of jeans portraying gardeners. The joke is a play on our local Botanical Gardens in Norfolk.

View the video HERE.

Senior Advocate Conversations

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