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Wilson Law, PLC, takes the personal approach in customizing an estate plan that works for your unique circumstances, to help you achieve empowerment and peace of mind through proper life planning. Attorney Donna Wilson is here to help you and your family!

All of us need an estate plan in place to put our affairs in order. We don’t know what the future holds for us, for our children or for our grandchildren. While each of us works hard to make sure that our loved ones are provided for and protected, these are lifetime actions. Actions we take when we are mentally and physically capable of helping our family. There will come a time when we are no longer able to personally jump in rescue our children, helping them as we might wish. In our practice we do not only focus on the documents you need, delivering highly customized estate plans to you, we create a warm and family-like environment. We want to get to know you and the goals you have for yourself and those you love most. Through counseling with you, we work to reach your goals while also saving taxes, reducing costs, protecting your family and delivering highly personalized services.
We are a results-oriented firm, committed to being recognized as leaders by our clients, other legal professionals and the community in which we live and work. We devote our practice entirely to serving clients throughout Williamsburg and the Northern Virginia area.

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